Questions and Answers

The below mentioned questions may be in your mind. Please, check the answers of the previous students and researchers who stayed or are still here.

What should I do if I do not know what to do?
First of all follow the already received guidance and links carefully. If there is no solution, you should contact the host coordinator by sending an email to and/or contact the Erasmus Mundus coordinator at your home university. You will find her/his address at the global homepage of the project.

Before Selection

Which language requirements do I have to fulfill? / How good do my German skills Need to be?
All applicants need to check the general information sheet of the respective host University and upload the required language certificates. For the University of Bremen you need a English and/or German certificate. German language ability is not required, but you have to join German classes to improve your German skills during your stay at the University of Bremen.

What does it mean to be a researcher in Germany?
German researchers are independent and are expected to do their research autonomously.

What does LogDynamics offer?
LogDynamics offers individual Research Projects in four different faculties. We also offer some lectures, regular workshops and meetings in English. You can take part in further lectures, but most of them will be taught in German.
Please, be aware that it is not possible to complete a master degree within one year.

What are the local offers and requirements?
First of all read the content of the "Local Details" very carefully and follow the provided links. If you have any further questions you may contact the local coordinator by sending an email to

Will the offered programs be in German?
Both English and German speaking applicants are welcome.

How much is the tuition fee at the University of Bremen?
There is no tuition fee at the University of Bremen. However, you will have to pay a semester due. This includes a ticket for public transportation, a fee for the student welfare service and allows you to purchase meals on campus at a reduced price. More information can be found here.
Please note, that you do not have to pay the administration fee. This reduces your costs by 50€. For Erasmus Mundus students who enroll in the Winter Term 2016/17, the contribution is currently 248,92€ per term.

After Selection

Who pays for arrival and departure expenses?
Travel expenses are covered by the scholarship, in most cases the local coordinator will book and pay directly.

What to do after the selection list has been published and my name was mentioned as 'selected' by University of Bremen?
Contact the local coordinator by sending an email to Keep in contact with her and follow her guidance very carefully.

What will be the first things I have to do after I have received the first email from the local coordinator?
Read the email carefully and follow the mentioned links carefully as well. First of all, you will be asked to complete the application. In most cases, some documents are missing, i.e. the certificate of enrollment, a recommendation letter, the copy of the passport. Furthermore, you will be asked to deliver your full postal address, including your phone number for the delivery of the offer letter.

Which documents will I receive from the local coordinator of the University of Bremen?
You will receive an offer letter which contains the details of the scholarship, incl. information about the duration, the starting date, and the covered costs. Additionally, you will receive an insurance document. Furthermore, you will negotiate a Learning Agreement. Later on you will receive a flight ticket as well. Depending from your home country, you need these documents to apply for a visa.

How much German do I need to know in advance?
The working language of the Erasmus Mundus project is English. The host, LogDynamics, will offer an individual research project in English and the lectures and meetings will be held in English as well. Thus, it is not needed to be familiar with the German language. But it will help a lot to settle in if you have an idea of some (written) words or phrases in German. Food, for example. In any case, you will get the chance to take part in a German language course during your stay in Bremen.

How to come to a Learning Agreement or Research/Training plan?
Please, contact the mentioned supervisor or host professor in no time and keep in contact with the host coordinator by sending an email to

What are the documents I will receive after selection?
You will receive an scholarship Offer Letter from the host-coordinator, an Insurance Letter, Learning Agreement and a flight ticket.

How to receive the air ticket?
An e-ticket will be arranged by the host coordinator. You will be given one from a German travel agency. Only for some local flights in Bhutan you have to buy a return ticket by your own. You will receive reimbursement after arrival in Bremen.

When can I expect to receive my Invitation Letter?
You will receive your invitation letter in time to sort out your visa. Please contact the University of Bremen, if you need your invitation letter to apply for a visa to Germany and it has not arrived in time for your visa application.

How can I enroll as a student at University of Bremen?
This is only possible for UGs, PGs and exchange doctorate.
You will receive an invitation from the International Office to register via the Mobility Online Portal. You will receive all the documents (Ticket for public transportation, Student ID, etc.) after your arrival in Bremen.

Do I need health insurance in Germany?
You will need some insurances. The scholarship will arrange it for you and cover basic expenses. You can do more, if you want to have other conditions than the scholarship already provides. UG/ PG will get support for the statutory German health insurance.

How to find accommodation?
The University of Bremen provides an online enrollment form for students (UG, PG). There you apply for accommodation at the end of the online application form. Any guest should register at the Welcome Center of the University of Bremen and fill an application for support or follow the link the Welcome Center offers on the website in time.

Arrival in Bremen

Should I have money with me for the first few days?
It is better to have some money with you for the first days after your arrival in Bremen. Because it may take several days until you receive the installment of your scholarship.

Is there any pick up service when arriving at the airport or central station in Bremen?
LogDynamicsprovides a pickup service. A student assistant will wait for you at the airport with paid tram tickets and will show you the way to your accommodation. Please contact the host coordinator to request and confirm this service.

What are the necessary steps I have to take in the first week after reaching Bremen?
The host contact provided you with an according guideline when sending the invitation letter.

At which bank I will open a bank account?
Together with guidance you will open a bank account at Stadtsparkasse Bremen, because it is located on the campus and you can find an ATM and offices in most places. You are free to select another bank. For students it is for free, not for PostDocs.

How to get the right mobile SIM card?
There are different shops in Bremen. The most popular ones in Germany are Vodafone, O2 and Telekom. Promotion of each brand is different, so you have to decide which services you are looking for. If you want to call Asian countries the best shop with less charge is “Lyca”. This shop is located near the central station. SIM cards are available as prepaid and with contract. You should make sure to buy a prepaid card to have lower cost limit.

How to get a prepaid credit card?
Sometimes you will need a credit card for online shopping. You can apply for it at your bank. The Sparkasse Bremen provides prepaid credit card for free for students.

How to use the semester ticket?
Every time you go by bus, tram or train you have to take the semester ticket with you. There are certain places where you can travel using the semester ticket. You can read them up at the back side of the semester ticket. Also there are some specifications which trains you are allowed to use.

When will the living expenses start to be paid by the scholarship?
You will receive the first installment of your scholarship in cash in the first week after you arrived in Germany. All further installments will be transferred into your bank account at the beginning of each month.

Stay in Bremen

What is the status of international students at the University of Bremen?
The status of international students is just the same as the local students. You will be treated as one of them and be part of the university with all benefits and tasks.

Do I need to apply for a course before arriving in Bremen?
No you do not have to apply before arriving. You can choose your courses after arriving in Bremen in agreement with your LA and your supervisors.

Can I register for another class at University of Bremen beside the project?
You can choose another subject you are interested in, but you have to make sure that you finish your work on time. At you can search for the subject, download a study document, send and receive email from lecturers or even classmates.

What kind of activities does the University of Bremen provide?
The University of Bremen organizes some sports, parties and concerts you can take part in. For international students it also offers many trips every month. You will go to bars, sights and the natural park. There you will meet other students from different countries. See the offers of the International Office!

Where can I go for lunch at University of Bremen?
The University of Bremen offers a cafeteria "Mensa" where you can get various dishes. They will change daily and are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The “Mensa” is located above the main academic building. You can apply for a Mensa card at the counter. With the Mensa card you can pay much faster and you are allowed to take another queue.

How do I write an acknowledgement for my paper?
This research was supported by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus Mundus and within the project cLINK.
This research was supported by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus Mundus and within the project FUSION.
This research was supported by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus Mundus and within the project gLINK.

What kind of insurances do I have?
The scholarship covers 3 different insurances:
- Travel health insurance all over the world
- Civil liability in private life
- Loss of travel documents

What should I do when I need to see a doctor?
You can select any doctor you want. Unfortunately, not all of them will speak English. You should ask the IGS doctoral candidates for recommendations.
When you see a doctor inform her/him that you want to be treated according to the German statutory health insurance. You will receive an invoice. Pay it and apply for reimbursement afterwards. The local coordinator provided you already with all needed addresses and documents to do so before arrival. See the information provided by the University of Bremen on this page and this page.

Before Going Home

What do I need to take care of before going back home?
Before you leave, you should go to the Citizen Service Center at the University and de-register. You fill out a form that states that you are no longer living in Bremen. Return your Mensa card, any keys or laptop that may have been given to you. Go to the bank and close your account. Also, see your local coordinator to sign various papers.

General Questions

What is the climate like and which clothes do I need in Bremen?
The climate in Bremen is different during the year. There are cold winters and warm summers. Throughout the year, there is regularly rainy weather. Students should bring raincoats, thick and thin clothes for the whole year.

How is life in Bremen? What there is to discover?
In the city, a lot of people live there who seem to be busy, but they are all very frankly and helpful. Bremen has a lot of sights like "die Bremer Stadtmusikanten". In the middle of the city, you can find an information Point where you can get a free map to find them all. Furthermore, Bremen has a beautiful old town with tall buildings and statues.

How does it feel to live and study in Bremen? What can I expect from social and academic life?
Sometimes it is hard to put feelings into words and therefore the following promotional video by Universität Bremen - Prospective Students might answer your question better than a thousand words from us. By following the link you will be allowed to receive first impressions about social and academic life in Bremen.

Are there shopping malls?
There are three main shopping places. They are named “Waterfront”, “Roland Center” and the other one is in old town/downtown of Bremen. You will find many different shops in there to buy all things you need. One of the cheapest shops is “Primark” where you can buy winter and summer clothes.

Where to buy electronic devices?
All types of electronic devices are available at “Saturn”. It is located at the middle of the city in oldtown.

How is transportation in Bremen?
Bremen has a very good public transport network. You can go everywhere by tram, train and bus. The University of Bremen provides you with a semester ticket which you can use to take these for free. At the back side of the semester ticket you can find a list with all places you are allowed to go. It is also easy to go by bike. Bremen has many bike paths for safe driving.

What do German traffic signs mean?
The explanations for German traffic signs can be found under ADAC as well as GettingAroundGermany. There are also explanations of traffic signs for cyclists in ADFC.

Is it possible to go out of Germany to another country?
Travel to another country is possible, if you organize it by yourself. You have to ensure that the trip will not affect your work. Your work must be completed on.

What are the Costs of Living in Germany?
To get an idea of how much money you need for living in Germany on a monthly basis, please click here for details.

How to learn German language?
You will have German language classes at the University of Bremen. You can start in advance by using Duolingo.

Is there any English speaker in Bremen and Germany as a whole?
Most people in Bremen and generally Germany can talk in English, because they learn it at school. Especially students of the University of Bremen can speak English. Do not worry if someone can’t speak English. Just ask another person and you will get help.

Is there any English language support in train, tram and bus stations?
You will find information in main train station and ticket machine of train and tram. The trains and trams also have an English announcement while driving. Unfortunately there is no English support in substations, so you should inform yourself before driving.

Where can I improve my language skills besides the offered classes?
You could use the website TED for improving your English language skills.
You could also take Self Training classes at the FSZ at the University of Bremen for improving your English and German skills.
You can also use mobile and web applications like Duolingo to learn German and English by yourself.

Which dishes are available in Bremen?
Germany has all kind of dishes from different countries. You can find Chinese food, Turkish food, Mexican food, Greek food and Italian food. Bremen is popular for dishes with fish and cabbage.

Where can I buy my groceries and equipment?
Bremen has a lot of grocery shops. “Penny”, “ALDI”, “Real” and “Netto” are the cheapest. More expensive are “Rewe” and “Edeka”. For basic cosmetics you can go to “Rossmann” or “dm”. There is also “ikea” if you need to buy furniture for your accommodation. If you do not speak German, you should check the name of the groceries you need, because most items in the shops are labelled in German.

Where is the Asian shop?
There are many Asian shops available. You can find the biggest one at "am Brill". Another one is located directly at Bremen central station.

Where can I find “HALAL” meat of chicken or beef?
There are some Muslim turkey shops. Those sell “HALAL” meat in Gröpelingen, Sebalsbrück and there are restaurants as well.